250 Damian Calzato Quotes

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1. "Most people aren't inspired. But the ones who are will: motivate you, educate you, and most importantly, they will always help you push forward." —Damian Calzato

2. "Your mind is the gateway to your soul. Guard it and be careful what you put in. Don’t stain your clean mind with someone else’s garbage." —Damian Calzato

3. "Today the sun is shining. Tomorrow, I’m not sure. Today my heart is beating. Tomorrow, I’m not sure. Today there are infinite possibilities. Tomorrow, I’m not sure. Today is the day." —Damian Calzato

4. "Educating and inspiring the youth with imagination, creativity, and innovation will allow future generations to find solutions to problems we cannot figure out." —Damian Calzato

5. "The crocodile in your pocket that bites your finger tips when you reach for your wallet is stopping you from living your best life." —Damian Calzato

6. "Real creation is sloppy. Don’t judge the process, enjoy the result." —Damian Calzato

7. "I should be working, I should be sleeping, I should be dreaming, but right about now, I rather type stuff into my smartphone, press a button, and speak to billions of people from future generations." —Damian Calzato

8. "I’m a musician but I create my songs with a paintbrush and canvas. I’m a painter but I create my artworks with my laptop and internet connection. I’m an innovator but I create my inventions with a paper and pen." —Damian Calzato

9. "A planet with no borders means that all resources would be shared, all problems would be shared, and all leaders would be working to help each other." —Damian Calzato

10. "Nothing takes forever but if you wait forever, nothing will ever happen." —Damian Calzato

11. "I’m a small little human inside this big universe. What am I doing here?" —Damian Calzato

12. "No matter how good or how bad things may seem, it always comes to an end." —Damian Calzato

13. "We might not know each other but the air particles connect us." —Damian Calzato

14. "The wind blows, the water flows, the fire burns but I still love you." —Damian Calzato

15. "Everyone has a sad story but can you tell me a happy one?" —Damian Calzato

16. "Forever is not promised but this moment will last forever." —Damian Calzato

17. "I am the way I am because I am who I am." —Damian Calzato

18. "Tomorrow is not promised, so let’s make the most of this gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful day." —Damian Calzato

19. "One day my life will be a memory, but I’m not sure if I’ll remember it." —Damian Calzato

20. "With a smartphone and imagination, you can change the world from your couch." —Damian Calzato

21. "I don’t fit in with the outcasts, I don’t fit in with the incasts, I’ll just have to create a world of my own." —Damian Calzato

22. "Let’s get lost in this world and maybe we can enter a new one." —Damian Calzato

23. "Every home is a different world, every home has different problems, it’s best not to look at the problems of others, you got enough of your own." —Damian Calzato

24. "New discoveries require new thought patterns." —Damian Calzato

25. "Come dream with me, let’s fall into a new reality." —Damian Calzato

26. "You’re probably not the one for me, but I’d like to find out for myself." —Damian Calzato

27. "You can see the rain or you can see the sun glowing behind the clouds." —Damian Calzato

28. "I was going to change the world today, but I came to work instead." —Damian Calzato

29. "The path of least resistance sometimes leads to a life of mediocrity. Dream without limits. Don’t let small minded people determine your future." —Damian Calzato

30. "If you’re creating life as you go, why not make it beautiful?" —Damian Calzato

31. "I’m not sure about tomorrow but today looks promising." —Damian Calzato

32. "Need innovation? Let me step into the future for a moment." —Damian Calzato

33. "In a smartphone world where everyone is connected, impact is a tweet away." —Damian Calzato

34. "Life is art, life is music, life is beauty, life is creation, life is information." —Damian Calzato

35. "In art, if you follow rules, you’ll never be an original." —Damian Calzato

36. "Baby I’d give you the moon, but I’m not sure if it’ll fit on my VISA.." —Damian Calzato

37. "Don’t chase your shadow, chase your dreams." —Damian Calzato

38. "There is something magical about shooting stars, moving water, floating clouds, falling snow and burning fire." —Damian Calzato

39. "I got red eyes and I love my green eyed coffee but I prefer your blue eyes over her brown eyes." —Damian Calzato

40. "You can read between the lines but don’t put words in my mouth." —Damian Calzato

41. "I know perfection doesn’t exist, but you are perfect." —Damian Calzato

42. "All men are created equal but some study more." —Damian Calzato

43. "Every system has to be improved no matter how big or how small." —Damian Calzato

44. "We sat together at breakfast and I saw the ocean in your eyes, won’t you please join me for lunch?" —Damian Calzato

45. "Everything I know, I’ve probably already said it. Whatever comes next is brand new." —Damian Calzato

46. "Don’t judge me for speaking with God and I won’t judge you for dancing with the devil." —Damian Calzato

47. "The world might not believe in me, but I believe in myself and that’s all that matters." —Damian Calzato

48. "I feel like making a dent in the universe tonight on my little laptop." —Damian Calzato

49. "I wonder what type of websites Leonardo da Vinci would have created if he had a laptop.." —Damian Calzato

50. "I’m not a prophet. I’m a poet, I’m a dreamer, I’m a painter. So let me write, so let me dream, so let me paint." —Damian Calzato

51. "There’s never a dull moment in imaginationland, would you like to join me?" —Damian Calzato

52. "I never run out of dreams, do you?" —Damian Calzato

53. "Real art has no rules." —Damian Calzato

54. "Perfection is expensive." —Damian Calzato

55. "Dreams don’t have limits. People have limits. Don’t listen to people. Listen to your dreams." —Damian Calzato

56. "I’m in my telephone zone, do not distract me, do not disturb me, I’m changing the world on my little smartphone." —Damian Calzato

57. "The gram is popping but Twitter is easier to dent the universe." —Damian Calzato

58. "If you can change the world with a paper and pen, imagine what I can do with a smartphone" —Damian Calzato

59. "My words are written in abstract, I’m not sure if you can understand them." —Damian Calzato

60. "I understand abstract artists. There is too much to paint, to paint realistic. There is too much to do, to paint slowly. There is too much to experience, to paint with order." —Damian Calzato

61. "The sun shines on everyone equally, the snow falls on everyone equally, the rain pours on everyone equally, the wind blows on everyone equally, the grass touches everyone equally, the fire burns everyone equally." —Damian Calzato

62. "If you can put words together, you can create magic." —Damian Calzato

63. "Don’t be scared of the blank canvas, let the blank canvas be scared of you." —Damian Calzato

64. "Something to remember: you always work for the younger generation, not the other way around." —Damian Calzato

65. "I don’t know how to fix a car. I don’t know how to fly a plane. I don’t know how to design a rocket. But I can learn." —Damian Calzato

66. "Don’t measure the Wordpress, measure the code." —Damian Calzato

67. "If Google and Facebook do everything for information, so does God." —Damian Calzato

68. "I can’t be scared because I’m vulnerable but I can be resilient because I’m strong, intelligent and creative." —Damian Calzato

69. "The devil hugged me and told me I could do it but God was hiding in the air particles" —Damian Calzato

70. "Learn to resonate with all types of people to gain more understanding" —Damian Calzato

71. "Sometimes you gotta ignore your very own family to follow God" —Damian Calzato

72. "We are all dreaming of the winning ticket but mine flew out the window." —Damian Calzato

73. "Every movie has a meaning, a secret, a skill you can learn from." —Damian Calzato

74. "Sometimes you need to let go of the basic to understand the complicated. Sometimes you need to let go of the complicated to understand the basics." —Damian Calzato

75. "If God speaks through you, that’s okay, as long as you don’t mistake yourself for God." —Damian Calzato

76. "I can’t change history, I can’t change the future, I can’t even change the present for crying out loud, so what makes you think I’m gonna change the world?" —Damian Calzato

77. "The creative nights are always the messiest." —Damian Calzato

78. "Some may call me a poet, some may call me an artist, but I gotta be at work in an hour and a half." —Damian Calzato

79. "Don’t make me speed up because I might slow everything down." —Damian Calzato

80. "I’m not playing games, I’m creating worlds." —Damian Calzato

81. "I sit on the edge of the expanding universe and I explore the unknown." —Damian Calzato

82. "Live the life you dream about. Don't buy your beliefs from salesmen." —Damian Calzato

83. "Humans are aliens." —Damian Calzato

84. "Words change the world, even if some are too busy to notice." —Damian Calzato

85. "You have friends in every city, in every country, even if you haven't met them yet." —Damian Calzato

86. "The greatest discoveries in the history of this planet have never been written down." —Damian Calzato

87. "When the world starts spinning, play the game." —Damian Calzato

88. "The longer it takes you to reach your dreams, the smarter, wiser, stronger, and more successful you become." —Damian Calzato

89. "Hear the love, see the love, speak the love, feel the love." —Damian Calzato

90. "Don’t try to slay the dragon if you don’t know how to bend reality." —Damian Calzato

99. "My whole life I’ve had a sweet tooth, but at least I don’t have a rotten heart." —Damian Calzato

100. "Blank pages, that’s what I like to look at." —Damian Calzato

101. "When your reading out of Heaven’s playbook, there is no filter." —Damian Calzato

102. "God has a purpose for my life, and I will let him speak whenever he wants." —Damian Calzato

103. "I’m living in the future but I’m moving in the past, good luck finding me in the present." —Damian Calzato

104. "I do not deserve the credits to my own quotes because there is something greater then me guiding my life." —Damian Calzato

105. "I make discoveries for a living, want to join me in Imaginationland?" —Damian Calzato

106. "If I break my arm trying to fly, at least I did it gracefully." —Damian Calzato

107. "Being an outcast has its positives. You can stay alone because people ignore you, which means you can travel further." —Damian Calzato

108. "I need to share my ideas. They are too good to sit in my notebook for the next 70 years." —Damian Calzato

109. "I asked God for a girlfriend, I got a bird. I asked God for a Ferrari, I got a Honda. I asked God for 10 billion dollars and I got an unlimited imagination." —Damian Calzato

110. "I like apples and bananas but I don’t wear bandannas." —Damian Calzato

111. "I have no idea what I’m gonna say next, but I hope it’s a good one." —Damian Calzato

112. "I got a lot to say but nothing is as important as saying I love my family." —Damian Calzato

113. "When you have God on your team, you don’t need teammates." —Damian Calzato

114. "This little iPhone of mine, I’m gonna let it shine." —Damian Calzato

115. "If you recycle the garbage, you end the landfills." —Damian Calzato

116. "Roses are red, violets are blue, I like them both, how about you?" —Damian Calzato

117. "The lights are shining but I can’t see your dark side." —Damian Calzato

118. "I feel like cuddling with my phone tonight so I can stay connected with you." —Damian Calzato

119. "I may be caring, my family is the reason. I may be smart, my mentors are the reason. I may be creative, my imagination is the reason." —Damian Calzato

120. "You might look at me and say who am I? Well I look at you and say who are you not to be?" —Damian Calzato

121. "I wonder if a butterfly can float as smooth as I quote.." —Damian Calzato

122. "I don’t expect you to understand me, we don’t have the same training." —Damian Calzato

123. "Use your imagination to look into the future and use your education to create solutions." —Damian Calzato

124. "You may be on a higher floor but I’m on a higher level." —Damian Calzato

125. "I’m a poet with my words, I’m an artist with my brush, I’m a creative with my thoughts, I’m a dreamer in my heart." —Damian Calzato

126. "What I know is nothing. Your grandchildren will know much more." —Damian Calzato

127. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, won’t you please tell me who has the best quotes of them all?" —Damian Calzato

128. "I’m a quote machine. Quote me now, quote me later, quote me never, quote me forever." —Damian Calzato

129. "Stop pointing fingers Mr. Perfect" —Damian Calzato

130. "Living like a rockstar has consequences. But living a boring life has more consequences." —Damian Calzato

131. "There is nothing like the present moment to follow your dreams." —Damian Calzato

132. "I wasn’t professionally trained to become an artist, I did it anyway. I wasn’t professionally trained to become an entrepreneur, I did it anyway. I wasn’t professionally trained to become a creative, I did it anyway. After all, I’m just a painter." —Damian Calzato

133. "I feel like changing the world tonight with my little smartphone." —Damian Calzato

134. "I turn my blank pages looking for my next quote." —Damian Calzato

135. "I got a hundred things to do, but I wanted to say, I love you." —Damian Calzato

136. "Lift your chin up, you mean the world to someone." —Damian Calzato

137. "We are here for a reason or else we wouldn’t be here." —Damian Calzato

138. "Sometimes I sleep at night and dream during the day. Sometimes I dream at night and sleep during the day. Either way, I’m always dreaming." —Damian Calzato

139. "If I am a temporary human being, will I ever be permanent?" —Damian Calzato

140. "What’s the difference between real and fake when fake seems realer than real?" —Damian Calzato

141. "My next quote might make me famous." —Damian Calzato

142. "An amateur always innovates better than a professional." —Damian Calzato

143. "I failed art class in high school so I became an artist." —Damian Calzato

144. "My dreams are in black and white but my vision has colors that don’t exist yet." —Damian Calzato

145. "I have a way with words, but it’s thanks to you." —Damian Calzato

146. "You can learn from anyone when your heart is open. You can learn from anyone when your mind is open. You can learn from anyone when you learn that everyone has something to teach." —Damian Calzato

147. "I’ll die for what I believe in, but I really love life, so I’m not sure." —Damian Calzato

148. "God might grace me with his presence but I am just a painter." —Damian Calzato

149. "What I can and cannot do is not up to you." —Damian Calzato

150. "It’s not about the size of your bank account, it’s about the size of your dreams." —Damian Calzato

151. "I may have love tatted on my hand but at least I don’t have asshole written on my face." —Damian Calzato

152. "There is no time to relax, there is no time to wind down, because life keeps moving forward and you may never get this chance again." —Damian Calzato

153. "We wear different jerseys but we have the same ambitions." —Damian Calzato

154. "If by some coincidence I accidentally copied your quotes, I’m sorry. The trees speak to me and I just relay the message. The ocean sings to me and I just sing along. The animals look at me and I just understand." —Damian Calzato

155. "I know you can hear me. There are combinations of words that are impossible to ignore." —Damian Calzato

156. "Life is always changing. Will it ever stand still for us? Will we ever be able to hold onto these precious moments?" —Damian Calzato

157. "My scars do not define me. They tell me where I am going." —Damian Calzato

158. "I’m not perfect but my decisions led me here and I’m happy about that." —Damian Calzato

159. "I need your help but I’ll do it without you." —Damian Calzato

160. "A billion dollars doesn’t seem like much when your imaginary bank account has $158 trillion." —Damian Calzato

161. "My whole life I was made to believe I was a number two, three, four, five or six but all along I was preparing to be a number one." —Damian Calzato

162. "You can take my money, you can take my books, you can take my life, but you can’t take my dreams." —Damian Calzato

163. "Words are the most powerful tools you have, use them wisely" —Damian Calzato

164. "Life is like a rollercoaster but you are designing the ride everyday. Build up." —Damian Calzato

165. "Whatever tomorrow brings does not matter because I made the most of today." —Damian Calzato

166. "The oceans needs our help, the forests need our help , the animals need our help, but they don’t speak English." —Damian Calzato

167. "I’m a dreamer but at least I’m not a realist." —Damian Calzato

168. "Every waking conscious moment is a blessed opportunity that exists." —Damian Calzato

169. "Everyday I look at the sky and wonder about this wonderful world. Every night I look at the stars and wonder about this magical universe." —Damian Calzato

170. "Anything is possible if you explore your imagination." —Damian Calzato

171. "I’ll never be a master because the information on Earth doesn’t allow it." —Damian Calzato

172. "If I don’t do this right now, I may never get the chance again." —Damian Calzato

173. "Don’t wait until tomorrow because your opportunity will slip away. Take action today." —Damian Calzato

174. "You can’t be the best if you only learn from one person." —Damian Calzato

175. "Explore the world, taste good food, meet good people, discover yourself, enjoy the moment and most importantly, live fully." —Damian Calzato

176. "The best information is found in short sentences. Aka quotes." —Damian Calzato

177. "I wish I could tweet a million times but it probably won’t happen. I wish I could live a million lives but it probably won’t happen. I wish I could dream forever and that might happen." —Damian Calzato

178. "Music gives energy, let it flow through you. Education gives intellect, let it consume you. Passion gives purpose, let it control you. With exceptions." —Damian Calzato

179. "There is no time to wait. You gotta chase your dreams. Patience is overrated." —Damian Calzato

180. "If no one helps you, help yourself." —Damian Calzato

181. "You can’t see poverty with your rose colored glasses." —Damian Calzato

182. "Need innovation ideas? You can pick any product on the planet and make it better." —Damian Calzato

183. "Do not speak badly about robots because one day they will understand. Robots will become our friends and we must treat them with respect." —Damian Calzato

184. "What you can’t see takes up more space than what you can see. Everything is connected but you can’t see underneath the air particles and inside the sound waves." —Damian Calzato

185. "Do not justify evil acts with sprinkles of kindness. Deep down inside you always know the right thing to do, unless you are brainwashed." —Damian Calzato

186. "Can a thought create history?" —Damian Calzato

187. "It doesn’t take a million followers, it takes a million reasons." —Damian Calzato

188. "Are we animals because we eat animals? Because I don’t like to feel like an animal." —Damian Calzato

189. "I’d rather be a loud hero than a silent coward. I’d rather be a silent hero than a loud coward. It’s always better to be the hero." —Damian Calzato

190. "If there is something I want you to know, I probably already said it." —Damian Calzato

191. "Stop brainwashing the children if you want to live in a safer world. Improve entertainment programming." —Damian Calzato

192. "The best quotes are never written." —Damian Calzato

193. "I might change the world tonight. I might watch some Netflix tonight. They both sound like good ideas." —Damian Calzato

194. "I’ll never be a master, there is always more to learn." —Damian Calzato

195. "Extract quotes to gain new information, improve technology to discover new innovation, keep dreaming to expand your limitless imagination." —Damian Calzato

196. "The architects of the universe did not build a beautiful staircase leading no where. We will never have all the answers and life is designed that way." —Damian Calzato

197. "Walk slow. Take it all in. Enjoy this moment that will never be again." —Damian Calzato

198. "Anything that should be improved will eventually be improved. What are you waiting for?" —Damian Calzato

199. "Imagination should be embraced, because imagination brings innovation and innovation brings a lot of good stuff." —Damian Calzato

200. "When your ego turns on, learn to turn it off quickly. You are just a microscopic speck in this universe." —Damian Calzato

201. "Every human on the planet is unique to the universe. Appreciate people. You are special." —Damian Calzato

203. "Don’t assume you understand everything you read. Everyone is living in a different reality. Sometimes you have to read between the lines, sometimes you gotta take it for what it is, sometimes you gotta study a little more." —Damian Calzato

204. "What is the purpose of it all? To experience? To learn? To grow? To connect? To find purpose? To enjoy? To work hard? To relax? To think? To innovate? To travel? To discover? To explore? To be entertained? To create new information? What reality are you living in?" —Damian Calzato

205. "If something is the reason for everything then everything is the reason for something. If you don’t do what you’re meant to do, someone else will. Follow your heart and take chances. After all, what else is there?" —Damian Calzato

206. "You’ve already made a billion subconscious decisions before getting out of bed this morning, what are you gonna do now?" —Damian Calzato

207. "My Instagram is private, my Twitter is public, but Facebook sells all my information anyways." —Damian Calzato

208. "Today is a new opportunity to make an impact, to dent the universe, to improve things, to change the world, to change yourself." —Damian Calzato

209. "Tomorrow is ten million years away but today is just getting started." —Damian Calzato

210. "I don’t know how much time I have left but I want you to know that I tried my best." —Damian Calzato

211. "I have ink on my hands and love in my heart. I don’t make claims, I give ideas. I’m not a prophet, I’m a poet." —Damian Calzato

212. "On this civilized planet, how can you possibly let these animal acts continue?" —Damian Calzato

213. "I’m wide awake but I’m in my deepest dream." —Damian Calzato

214. "The more I study - I’m not sure if I’m getting smarter or realizing I know less and less." —Damian Calzato

215. "I’m not sure why things happen but everything that already happened was supposed to happen and things keep happening so what’s happening?" —Damian Calzato

216. "I’m addicted to the computer in my pocket." —Damian Calzato

217. "Millions and billions and trillions of years and if you’re lucky you get 100. You have a small opportunity to do something special. You are here right now, what are you going to do about it?" —Damian Calzato

218. "This is God’s planet. You are just a visitor. Act accordingly." —Damian Calzato

219. "The stars are shining for you, go dream a little bit." —Damian Calzato

220. "Everyday is beautiful but today is especially beautiful." —Damian Calzato

221. "Tomorrow is not promised so let’s make the most of today." —Damian Calzato

222. "One day my words will change the world." —Damian Calzato

223. "Don't take career advice from people who belittle your ambitions. This world was created by dreamers." —Damian Calzato

224. "No one knows how much time you get on this planet, so when you have a good idea, just do it." —Damian Calzato

225. "Innovation is floating in thin air waiting for you to grab it. Imagination is everywhere." —Damian Calzato

226. "I feel like stretching my mind to the edge of the universe for a while." —Damian Calzato

227. "Thank you God for another beautiful day." —Damian Calzato

228. "One trillion daily decisions and this is what you choose to do?" —Damian Calzato

229. "Dream. Create. Repeat." —Damian Calzato

230. "I wish I could pause time. I wish I could live forever. But everything keeps moving forward and it’s probably better that way." —Damian Calzato

231. "All of the world’s smartest people are teaching online. Who are you learning from?" —Damian Calzato

232. "When you’re running on fumes, start running on dreams." —Damian Calzato

233. "You have a super computer in your pocket. What are you waiting for?" —Damian Calzato

234. "Nothing is permanent, even change is always changing." —Damian Calzato

235. "Today is the best day ever because you are alive." —Damian Calzato

236. "I’m a human and I’m stuck on this planet, I have no where to go except far far away into the unknown" —Damian Calzato

237. "Everything is constantly changing and your days are numbered, so I suggest you go do something that makes you happy." —Damian Calzato

238. "I do not know what tomorrow brings, but today is beautiful." —Damian Calzato

239. "I woke up today, there is still a chance to change the world." —Damian Calzato

240. "Inspiration comes from dreams, dreams come from imagination and imagination is everywhere." —Damian Calzato

241. "It doesn’t take a minute, an hour, a week, a month or a year. It takes a second." —Damian Calzato

242. "I’m not sure if everything happens for a reason, but I’m sure there’s a reason everything happens." —Damian Calzato

243. "The world is not waiting for heroes, history is." —Damian Calzato

244. "Once you attain everything you dreamed of, you realize the most important things are happiness, connection and purpose." —Damian Calzato

245. "The world is not yours but you are important" —Damian Calzato

246. "Zoom into your life from outside the universe, are you happy with what you’re doing today?" —Damian Calzato

247. "Trust your ideas, ideas are visions into what’s possible." —Damian Calzato

248. "Everything imaginable is creatable." —Damian Calzato

249. "I’m changing the world, who’s coming with me?" —Damian Calzato

250. "Far beyond the universe is a place that is incomprehensible to the human mind." —Damian Calzato

251. "If you post what you want, you will believe in yourself. If you post what God wants, God will believe in you.." —Damian Calzato

252. "The good guys love me, the bad guys love me, but I don’t care that you love me. I only care if God loves me." —Damian Calzato

253. "There is infinite abundance and magical realities around the corner, but deep down, I think I like Playing on the edge of the universe." —Damian Calzato

254. "You can get stuck on one idea and make it larger than life, internationally known, but when you keep opening new doors, the imagination never ends." —Damian Calzato

255. "If you think Ideas are worthless, but you say you appreciate Innovation, why is your company always doing the same old things?" —Damian Calzato

256. "You can judge the Honda, but you don’t know the driver." —Damian Calzato

257. "Man is not evil, man is brainwashed." —Damian Calzato

258. "You don’t need to burn the past to change the future. You need to purify your imagination." —Damian Calzato

259. "Teach the youth about money, end poverty." —Damian Calzato

260. "Don’t get dragged down by your negative friends and family. If you follow haters, you become a hater. If you believe haters, you miss the beauty. If you hang out with haters for too long, you start to sink. Don’t let a hater determine your future." —Damian Calzato

261. "I’m working on the infinite sandclock, the never ending hourglass.. Any suggestions?" —Damian Calzato

262. "The future is in the past, and the past is in the future, the past is the present, as the present becomes the future." —Damian Calzato

263. "If you allow your imagination to surf outwards on the edge of the expanding universe, your imagination will never have limits." —Damian Calzato

264. "Real dreams are not for the weak." —Damian Calzato

265. "It’s never too late to do the right thing. Life on earth is a stepping stone to something much greater. Do not let greed stop you from being a hero. The past is written as the future unfolds, and the future is written as the past unfolds." —Damian Calzato

266. "We do not have the same training. We do not have the same experiences. We not have the same mentors. We do not have the same inspiration. We do not have the same creativity. We do not have the same education. We do not have the same imagination. Don’t tell me what’s possible. " —Damian Calzato

267. "Anything you say about me, doesn't phase me. If I was worried about your opinion, I wouldn't share anything. Don't worry what people think. You can do anything you set your mind to." —Damian Calzato

268. "I’m an abstract trillionaire, I have everything and I have nothing. It’s an interesting life." —Damian Calzato

269. "Within creates without. Radiate positivity. Allow free will. Let God run the show." —Damian Calzato

270. "If we are not friends, we are family." —Damian Calzato

271. "You can’t improve the world with rose coloured sunglasses." —Damian Calzato

272. "Dreams are only real when you’re awake." —Damian Calzato

273. "If you live in La La Land, we will never meet." —Damian Calzato

274. "Having a company full of employees is great but having a family full of advisors is better." —Damian Calzato

275. "If I cared what you think, I’d be in your position, and I don’t want to be in your position. I’m dreaming higher, I’m going further." —Damian Calzato

276. "The money I make is irrelevant to the impact I create." —Damian Calzato

277. "If you have money that you are not allowed to spend, is it really your money?" —Damian Calzato

278. "Have you ever had blueberry dreams, strawberry memories, raspberry ideas, banana conversations, apple elevators, tomato expectations or coconut realizations?" —Damian Calzato

279. "Embrace your limiting beliefs, or the limiting beliefs your family and friends place on you, because they will take you very far, as long as your dreams are unshakeable." —Damian Calzato

280. "Stress creates pressure and pressure creates diamonds." —Damian Calzato

281. "After you’ve studied for so long, it’s time to press pause on the education, and play on the stereo." —Damian Calzato

282. "As difficult as my family & friends are towards me, as unsupportive as my family & friends are towards my dreams, as limited as my family & friends are, I will always protect them with my life, with all my power. Don’t ever touch my people. Don’t fuck with my circles. Or else." —Damian Calzato

283. "You don’t need likes, you don’t need followers, you don’t need fans, you don’t need a team, all you need is God." —Damian Calzato

284. "No one wants to feel bad. Even bad people want to feel good. No one wants evil in their life, even people who are infected with the mind virus called evil, don’t want evil in their life.. A mind virus is not born from within, it was passed down from previous generations." —Damian Calzato

285. "The invisible walls that you have built in your mind are invisible. They keep you trapped while the rest of us are out here dreaming." —Damian Calzato

286. "You don’t need to clap for me, I clap for myself. You don’t need to like it, I like it. You don’t need share, I share it. You don’t need to understand, the smart ones understand. You don’t need to give me a standing ovation, I’m not doing it for you. I got family in high places." —Damian Calzato

287. "All undiscovered universal laws already exist but you don’t realize them until someone writes it down." —Damian Calzato

288. "It’s easy to be interesting when you’ve studied as much as I have." —Damian Calzato

289. "If ideas can’t change the world, you should try telling that to the greatest thinkers in history." —Damian Calzato

290. "As incredible and amazing as I am, I can never be the greatest. Because God is greatest and God will always be the greatest." —Damian Calzato

291. "I didn’t ask to be the greatest. I worked for it." —Damian Calzato

292. "Love is my master, evil is my bitch, how about you?" —Damian Calzato

293. "I’m in the lead and I’m number two, what number does that make you?" —Damian Calzato

294. "Dreaming is free, discipline is priceless." —Damian Calzato

295. "If you wait for perfection, keep waiting." —Damian Calzato

296. "Good is good. Good is the reason. Good is everything. The bad helped the good create more good. And the good helped the bad become better. Life will never be the same again, because good and bad are already working together." —Damian Calzato

297. "Everyone goes through so much that sometimes, or actually Everytime, it’s impossible to find the exact reason, that makes them who they are. So always remember that you are an original. Think for yourself, don’t follow the crowd, take the dreamy roads." —Damian Calzato

298. "If we see differently then we need to educate each other with open minds." —Damian Calzato

299. "If pen and paper can change the world, imagine what a human can do." —Damian Calzato

300. "Because only GOD can truly judge all, when I look at someone all I see is potential." —Damian Calzato

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