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August 2, 2022 • Damian shares The Self Powered Mechanical Energy Generator on Facebook & Linkedin Save The Green Planet
August 1, 2022 • Damian shares 2 new Television innovations online.

Swivel Upright Vertical TVs
We can rotate our phone screen upright and horizontal view, Why doesn’t the TV play vertical too? When your TV swivels from normal TV position to smartphone position, connect your smartphone to your swivel upright vertical OLED 4K 3D smart TV, and it will feel like you are looking at a giant smartphone from your couch! Explore Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn TikTok like never before 💯

2. NEW Calzato TV INVENTION: Double sided TVs

Usually you place a TV against a wall, right? Well, with OLED 4K 3D double sided smart TV, you can put couches and entertainment on both sides of the double sided TV, each side of the double sided TV can play the same show or movie or different ones at the same time. Many new interactive and video games are possible with the double sided TV. The sound from one side of the double sided TV does not effect the sound on the other side.

3. The Double Sided Swivel Upright Vertical TV.. (which combines both TV innovations above)

Surf the web or Instagram at the same time as your friend as you both are looking at the same TV from different sides.


Double Sided Upright Swivel Computer Screens 💯 Apple 🍎 Dell 🆒

These innovations are fresh from imaginationland. Aug 1, 2022 Damian & BDC Dreams Inc. “Innovation is infinite. There is always more to discover. It does not end, it always continues to unfold, it grows forever. There more you innovate, the more innovation I can create too. It's an everlasting cycle.”—Damian Calzato

P.s. If you are building the Holographic TVs, years ago I shared this innovation online, then some time ago I wrote about the future of Holographic TVs on Save The Green Planet