What is BDC Dreams?


BDC Dreams Inc. is an innovation company. We create new things, online to offline and everything in-between. Learn about our websites, inventions, theories, discoveries and how we share free public innovation.

Websites and Startups

• Get in touch to see how we are making the internet great again. Join BDC Dreams to create awesome online innovation with us. The future of the web has hundreds of trillions of websites for everything you can imagine. BDC Dreams wants to build 1 million websites by 2025. Click below to access BDC Dreams early stage websites and startups •
BriidgeStarlystUberTuberSave The Green PlanetExpress JungleUnclaimed StoryMy Canadian DreamMy American DreamMr PollBoothCybercity IdeasThe Hero TalesThe Book of ExcusesImaginationlandHighlight CareerTributeNowMisty360Genius DropperTangle TypeHeaven is a PlaceOne Wise KeyFunnRunnGhettoDJFood CodeThe Calzato InitiativeVision ScreenDamian's ListHer Beauty100 TrillionReal MealFamous DreamsQuote Detective

Innovation and Discoveries

BDC Dreams shares innovation and inventions throughout various BDC Dreams websites and social media channels. We use our resources to conceptualize, discover and create innovation. Then we share inventions, innovations and discoveries publicly so we can advance humanity with innovation. Damian and BDC Dreams shares the best ideas and innovations for free, for the greater good. "The fastest way to create an invention is by sharing it online."–Damian Click below to find innovation, inventions, theories and discoveries from Damian and BDC Dreams Inc •
BDC Dreams Innovation: Calzato's Canvas Poster ScreenBDC Dreams Innovation: 3D Interactive Digital Wallpaper with Surround SoundThe Self Powered Mechanical Energy Generator BDC Dreams Innovation: 2 New Television innovations Hovering/Flying Ofiice Desk StationHolographic TelevisionHolographic Theatre Holographic StadiumDamian Box, Quantum Mechanic Thought ExperimentThe Innovation Secret BDC Dreams Innovation: TV Button Remote FinderGrocery Store For DrinksBDC Dreams Innovation: 3D Printing Waste to Product Household ApplianceUltimate Drink Grocery StoreBDC Dreams Innovation: Split Sports Bottle Twist & Triple Twist CapBDC Dreams Innovation: Outdoor Winter Heated Gardening Plant & Vegetable BoxImaginationland: The Indoor Entertainment City With Everything PossibleMisty360, The 360 Spinning Restaurant & Lounge Where The Enviornment Changes