5 Best Lucid Dreaming Herbs That Will Elevate Your Dreams

Looking for the best lucid dreaming herbs to enhance your dream experiences? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the right herbs for achieving lucid dreams. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced lucid dreamer, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in and explore the world of lucid dreaming herbs together.

Top lucid dreaming herbs reviews

Our Pick

Organic Mugwort Capsules 450 Relaxation
Organic Mugwort Capsules 450 Relaxation


4.3 (1224 ratings)

200+ bought in past month

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Overall, these organic mugwort pills are a convenient and effective way to manage menstrual pain and induce relaxation for better sleep.

Pros Cons
Convenient and easy to swallow Slightly bitter taste for some
Good packaging
Effective for managing endometriosis pain
Conducive to relaxation and better sleep

These organic mugwort pills are small, easy to swallow, and come in good packaging. They are effective for managing endometriosis pain and inducing relaxation for better sleep.

As someone who suffers from endometriosis, I found these pills to be a great alternative to traditional painkillers. They have helped me manage my pain and improve my sleep quality, making them a valuable addition to my wellness routine.

Overall, I highly recommend these organic mugwort pills to anyone looking for a natural way to manage menstrual pain and improve sleep quality

Our Pick

Lucid Dreamz Herbal Blend Peppermint

Overall, this herbal blend is a calming and delicious option for those looking to promote relaxation and vivid dreaming.

Pros Cons
Delicious flavor Effectiveness in promoting sleep not guaranteed
Zero waste packaging
Promotes relaxation

Our reusable Sachet and no use of plastics ensures zero waste. Simply steep 1-2 teaspoons in 8oz water for 5-10 minutes for the perfect brew. A blend of all-natural herbs designed to promote relaxation and vivid dreaming.

The herbal blend is indeed delicious and has a calming effect, making it a great option for winding down in the evening. However, I can’t speak to its effectiveness in promoting sleep. The zero waste packaging and easy steeping process are definitely convenient and environmentally friendly, making it a good choice for those looking for a relaxing herbal option.

While the herbal blend is tasty and calming, I didn’t notice a significant improvement in my sleep quality. However, the convenience of the sachet and the environmentally friendly packaging make it a practical choice for anyone looking to incorporate herbal remedies into their routine.

Our Pick

Reiki Balancing Wildcrafted Dreaming Relaxing
Reiki Balancing Wildcrafted Dreaming Relaxing


4.4 (255 ratings)

50+ bought in past month

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This Reiki charged 7 Chakra Tea is a small but powerful sampler bag that offers a beautiful aroma and a blend of fresh, wildcrafted herbs. It has helped me with my insomnia and night terrors, providing me with a restful sleep and relief from my symptoms.

Pros Cons
Beautiful aroma Small sampler size
Fresh, wildcrafted herbs
Helps with insomnia and night terrors

This small bag of 7 Chakra Tea is packed with approximately 6 tablespoons of wildcrafted ingredients, including Mugwort, Chamomile, Lavender Buds, and more. It has a 1-year shelf life and is charged with Reiki by a Certified USUI RYOHO REIKI Master & Teacher of Spiritual Protection.

As someone who struggles with insomnia and night terrors, I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this tea. The aroma is soothing, and the blend of herbs is carefully crafted. I have experienced a significant improvement in my sleep quality and have not had any night terrors since I started drinking this tea. It’s become a staple in my nighttime routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a natural way to improve their sleep.

Our Pick

Charged Balancing Wildcrafted Dreaming Relaxing
Our Pick

Mugwort Tea Improving Relieving Dreaming

Overall, the mugwort tea offers a calming and relaxing effect, perfect for winding down at the end of the day, but the taste may not be for everyone.

Pros Cons
Relaxing and calming effect Subtle taste
Multiple ways to use
Health benefits

With 20 pyramid tea bags included, the mugwort tea offers multiple ways to use, whether it’s for making tea, burning as incense, or placing it under your pillow for better sleep and dreams. The tea is known for its health benefits, including improved digestion, lung, and reduced stress.

Personally, I found that sipping on a mug of mugwort tea did induce a relaxing and calming effect, which was perfect for unwinding after a long day. However, the taste was quite subtle, so it may not be suitable for those who prefer stronger flavors. Nonetheless, the multiple ways to use and the potential health benefits make it worth a try.

Popular Lucid Dreaming Herbs


Mugwort is a popular herb for lucid dreaming due to its ability to enhance dream recall and promote vivid dreams. It is often used in herbal teas or as incense before bedtime to induce lucid dreams.

Calea Zacatechichi (Mexican Dream Herb)

Calea Zacatechichi, also known as the Mexican Dream Herb, has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to enhance dreaming. It is often consumed as a tea or smoked to induce lucid dreams and improve dream clarity.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is well-known for its calming effects and is often used to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. It can also be used to enhance lucid dreaming by promoting a deeper and more restful sleep.


Chamomile is a gentle herb that is commonly used to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. It can also be used to enhance lucid dreaming by promoting a sense of calm and tranquility before bedtime.

How to Use Lucid Dreaming Herbs


Brewing herbal teas with lucid dreaming herbs is a popular and effective way to consume them. Simply steep the herbs in hot water for a few minutes and enjoy before bedtime.


Burning herbal incense before bedtime can help create a relaxing and dream-inducing atmosphere. Simply light the incense and allow the aroma to fill the room before going to sleep.

Essential Oils

Using essential oils derived from lucid dreaming herbs in a diffuser or applying them topically can also promote lucid dreaming. The aroma of the oils can help create a calming and dream-enhancing environment.

Where to Buy Lucid Dreaming Herbs

Online Retailers

There are many online retailers that offer a wide variety of lucid dreaming herbs in different forms such as dried herbs, teas, essential oils, and incense.

Health Food Stores

Health food stores often carry a selection of lucid dreaming herbs in various forms, making it convenient to purchase them locally.

Herbalist Shops

Visiting a local herbalist shop can provide access to high-quality and ethically sourced lucid dreaming herbs, as well as expert advice on their usage.


In conclusion, lucid dreaming herbs such as mugwort, Calea Zacatechichi, valerian root, and chamomile can be powerful tools for enhancing dream recall and promoting vivid, lucid dreams. Whether consumed as teas, used as incense, or applied as essential oils, these herbs offer natural and effective ways to explore the world of lucid dreaming.

With the availability of these herbs through online retailers, health food stores, and herbalist shops, incorporating them into a lucid dreaming practice has never been easier.

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